3 Tricks To Help You – Buy Content – For Your Website Better

This article is about how to buy content for your website effectively, and why it is important to do that. We’re going to go over a few often-overlooked ways to find great writers for your websites. Whether you have a niche site, a company blog, or a massive authority website it’s important to post great content on a regular basis. First of all, we should define what great content means.

What Is Great Web Content?


contentGreat web content is the type of content that helps your reader accomplish their goal. Their goals can be trying to learn something, trying to buy something, or trying to find a particular website. The page your visitor lands on needs to help them find whatever they will looking for, that’s one of the often overlooked aspects of SEO. If your content is helping your visitors do what they set out to do, search engines will recognize that once they’ve been to your site they didn’t need to look any further. Search engines are going to take this into account, and if all of your visitor’s searches stop at you, that means you’re providing exactly what they’re looking for and your site will eventually get a boost in the rankings.

So, before you start buying web content, it’s important to identify what the goal of your content is. What is the intention of the visitor, and how can you best fulfill their needs?

Great content is whatever your visitor is looking for. Now, here are some tips on how to find that type of content…

1. Right From The Horse’s Mouse

There are plenty of websites online where you can order content. If you have a specialty site and you really want to bring some new ideas to the table, and have a professional’s point of view on the topic, then find some people who are very knowledgeable on your topic to create that content for you. Many professionals will write content in their field, but expect to pay a hefty sum if you need professional content in the law or medical niches, doctors and lawyers charge a tidy sum for their articles. Many people don’t realize that professionals in various fields will often subsidize their incomes by writing content.

2. Where Better To Find Great Writers?

If number 1 sounds too expensive, and you don’t need something quite that serious, another place to find great writers is in a university writing class. What do you think sounds more appealing to an aspiring writer? Working in a coffee shop or fast food place for minimum wage, or getting paid the same amount to write from the comfort of home, while they’re on lunch break, on the bus home, whenever they want? Paying a writer to write, while they’re still in school and likely nervous about finding work, is something most students will jump at. You can approach university professors that teach writing and ask if any of their students might be interested. If you need to buy content about engineering, you could approach engineering students. You get the idea.

If your content needs aren’t enough to justify part-time work for them, say 20 or so hours per week, you can still likely find some students who are willing to write an article here and there, maybe five or ten a week for some extra spending money.

3. Give As Much Information As Possible

When you’re placing an order for content, give as much information to your writer as possible. Remember, everyone thinks differently so if you have something specific in mind, it’s important to let the writer know. Talented writers will have no problem adapting the project to your specifications, however even the most talented writer can’t read your mind. It helps to write a list of specifications for your project, then go over it again and try to remove anything that might muddy the waters. Take the least important, nit-picky or contradictory things off the list and it will put more of an emphasis on the important things.

Once you’ve found quality writers, take advantage of that because they can be hard to come by. Ensure your projects are well-explained and that the writer understands what you’re looking for before they get started, and you should end up with some GREAT content for your web projects.

In Conclusion…

buy content

No matter what type of content you’re looking to buy, at least one or two of these three tricks should help ensure you’re getting the best content possible. A lot of times, you might not need a professional in that field, and that’s alright because a general content writer should have no problem creating good content for you on any topic if you’re providing great instructions and paying a fair price for the content. Once you find a great writer, however, just make sure you hold on to them and everything you need to buy content will be a delight, instead of a chore.

Tips For Creating Effective – SEO Content

Creating effective SEO content can be a daunting task since the rules of SEO normally change all the time. Google itself mentioned that it makes around 500 changes every year to its algorithms.

Tips For Effective SEO Contentseo content

When writing content, here are four things that you need to focus on which have been modified in the last few years. Note that it may require you a lot of things in order to create an effective SEO content.

Keyword Stuffing

In the past clients, will ask for SEO content with 5, 10 or even 15% keyword density. But these days, Google refers to that practice as keyword stuffing. Stuffing of keywords is committed if you use the keyword phrase repeatedly, that it can make the article look awful. To create effective content you need to strive for a 1 to 2% keyword density only. In order to achieve this, you need to repeat the keyword phrase only every 150 words. If you follow this rule, there is no need for you to worry about your content being considered as keyword stuffed.

Using the ALT Tag

Search engine prefers mixed media results, like photos, videos, info graphics and others. Thus, if they check on your article, they catalogue the video and pictures as well as the info graphics. The ALT tag describes what the photos are all about. Therefore, it is best to include it so that your photos can be placed properly in search results.

Create Themed Content

You should add more than one keyword phrase in your copy, like using secondary as well as a tertiary keyword phrase to mix out the SEO content. It is known as themed writing SEO content and search engines prefer this kind of content.

For instance, if you are writing an article regarding baking apple pie. If search engines bump into the term apple, they will have no idea if you are referring to apple pie or apple computers.

However, if your article has keyword phrases such as bake apple pie, ingredients for apple pie and apple pie recipe, then search engines can easily distinguish that you are dealing with recipes and baking, and not electronics and computers.

The secondary keyword phrases provide search engines several details, which aids them in properly categorizing your SEO content, which can also help you get better rankings in the search engine results pages.

Significance Of Shared Content

content SEO

Search engines like content that is shared at lot since they presume that it must be good since there are lots of people who are linking on it, blogging about it and posting it in social networking sites. Thus it will be easier for your SEO contentt to be shared with the use of plugins such as ping. Creating effective SEO content is just a part of the search war; the other part is doing all those behind the scenes. If you search online, there are lots of sites that provide information on how coming up with viral content is carried out. This is very effective in getting the traffic that you need for your site and at the same achieve the ranking that you want.

4 Basic Principles You Must Know Before – Creating Content

Creating content for your site and blog may sound easy—and it is! Getting the traffic you desire is another story though.creating content

With the hundreds of thousands of creating content and saved into the World Wide Web, it’s no easy task to get a huge number of readers. There was this co-writer who has created a blog. He has good writing skills, a degree on Technical and Creative writing even, but he just can’t seem to get enough visitors to his blog. See, online content writing is not just about grammar and style—it’s a lot more than the tips and rules you usually learn from the four walls of your classroom. There are some simple yet effective principles that can help you get the traffic your site needs.

Effective Principles Of Creating Content


Attracting readers always starts with the title. Think about this; which article would you rather read, “Weight Loss Tips” or “5 Secrets Weight Loss Experts Don’t Want You to Know”?

In writing a title, you have to add a bit of edge, attitude and controversy. Titles that sound too professional might come off as plain and boring. Adding spice could be the difference that makes a reader choose one article over another that discusses the same topic. Also, don’t give out too much detail on your title (unless you’re doing a Press Release, of course). If, instead of saying “4 Basic Principles”, you give clues on what these principles are, there wouldn’t be much need to read the whole article, would there? Also notice how titles with adjectives like best, simple, basic, easy, effective and cool (orhot; it depends) seem to be more appealing to read.


Adding some sort of quantifiable value also gives the reader an idea how much he can expect to learn from your article. Four to eight is a good number for giving tips. Fewer than that and the article would make it seem inferior compared to other articles; more than that and it’s information overload. It’s good to search through similar articles and see how much tips they can give away, then try to outdo them. But take note: OUTdo, not OVERdo. If they can give four tips, you give five or six. Saying you got 50 to 100 tips is a turn off; it also sounds almost fake.


You know how they say, “Facts tell, stories sell”? That’s also true for creating content. A story makes an article more relatable. It also makes readers believe that an article would actually do him some good since somebody else is testament to its worth.


Of course, your article has to be worth sharing and recommending. You have to make sure you give your readers what they came there for. An article that has value is one that informs, entertains, discusses, persuades, or all of the mentioned. Web creating content is all about giving your audience what they need and having them share your site to others in return. Also try and make your audience feel they’re getting more than they expected. This way, you’re sure to have more recommendations and better ratings from you readers.
content writting

So maybe you commit grammar lapses, or a few misspelled words here and there. But as long as you satisfy your readers, that’s a-okay. After all, the goal of creating content is effectively delivering your message, no matter how many times MS Word’s Spelling & Grammar Check gives you those red and green underlines.