What Is A Domain Name Used For?

These days, we live in the world of the internet. It would be a difficult task not to cross paths with technology at some point in time or the other. Owing to this reason, you must have heard the term domain at least once. If you are wondering whether it is a difficult task to get one, well then it’s definitely not rocket science. So, the best way in which you can learn about this and make the most of it would be to find an extension name, also referred to as domain name – it would be very easy to look it up. The basic purpose of assigning such names is to provide convenience. Do you want to learn more about this?

Why Domain Important?


The first question that is bound to cross your mind is why a domain is so important. Well, if you look at it from a long-term perspective, it would serve to be a solid investment. This is because it would be difficult to rename a website after some time. For this reason, you need to think about selecting the right name at the beginning. The next thing that you need to think about is the fact that this website of yours would represent all that your company stands for. So, it is important that it gives out a professional look that would gel well with the entire concept of your business. This in turn could help bump up business since most consumers take a look online before they commit to making any purchase.

Generic Domains

Now that you are aware of the fact that a domain is important, you need to learn more about the different types of domains that are available. The first type is the generic domain. This happens to be the most type as well. These are extensions that are subdivided based on the type of websites or their purpose. For instance, an educational institution website would have the extension .edu, while that of an organization would be ending in .org etc. So, the best way that you can streamline your search would be through the extension. The main benefit that you can stand from the .com domain in particular is the fact that it would help your website become more SEO friendly. For this reason, it would help you get better search engine results as well. It goes without saying that these activities would help increase the traffic to the website as well as bolster your business.

Country Specific Domains

The next type of domain that you should be looking at is the country specific one. As the name suggests, each country has a domain of theirs. This is largely owed to the fact that it would be much easier to find out a business which is targeted towards a specific country. So, if you are interested in optimizing the website, then a country specific extension is going to be the right chance to do so. This would help you reach out to local customers and rake in a larger profit.

Web Hosting Services For Round-The-Clock Business

Website owners are often torn between the option of hosting their own websites or using third party hosting companies. With companies such as Web Hosting, you can get free web hosting services which can be very tempting. There are many benefits that come with third party hosting companies as shall be discussed in this article. An important thing to note is that free FTP hosting is better for personal websites but business websites need a lot more flexibility – the kind that can only be found in paid web hosting services.

Benefit Of Using Web Hosting

web hosting

The first benefit of using web hosting company is an unparalleled level of reliability. By choosing to host your own websites, you are not properly prepared for unforeseen circumstances which may lead to significant amount of downtime. This could cause loss of business and make customers very unhappy. In order to ensure virtually no downtime, you should pick a web hosting company for your website. Web Hosting has round-the-clock monitoring of all systems, best-in-class hardware, and even UPS systems and a diesel generator to make sure that nothing interferes with the availability of hosted websites.

Web hosting companies can also provide you with free domain name and website builder if you are a novice in web design. By hosting your own site, you can be sure that no technical support will be available in case of trouble with your website. Again, this could cause customers to be dissatisfied. If, for instance, your site has a high commission affiliate program, your users will not appreciate server downtime or an unresponsive website. A free hosting plan from Web Hosting can provide you with 250 MB of disc space, 5 Gigs of Monthly traffic, and one domain hosting. Paid hosting plans provide unlimited disc space and traffic as well as 2 domains hosting.

Another great benefit of hosting companies is backups. If you host your own website and important files get deleted, you will require a long time to regenerate the lost files. With web hosting companies, even those that provide free web hosting, you don’t need to buy a backup server because most of them back up their users’ data. Websites that provide free FTP hosting are particularly helpful in providing backup services because of the importance of the data hosted.

Another great benefit of using a hosting company is that there is a lot of flexibility. Whenever you want to integrate new features to your website, the process is simple and you can get vital support to get the new features working. Even if you used a free domain name and website builder, you can quickly get newly developed websites up and running. In addition to flexibility, you get a lot of security when using web hosting companies. This is because the companies utilize the latest technologies and update their services to keep clients’ websites safe from Internet threats. With dedicatedhosting4u.com, you can benefit from SSL secured servers with 256-bit encryption to protect sensitive data from malicious individuals.