Mindtech Solutions is a software consulting company where a group of services are offered to cater your business needs. Mindtech Performance is our Flagship product built for affiliate networks, agencies, online advertisers, media buyers, marketing companies and e-commerce companies. Mindtech Performance Track, manage, analyze and optimize online Ad campaigns in real-time. It's an Integrated Solutions to Grow and manage Your Performance marketing. Mindtech Performance is getting recognized as The #1 Performance Marketing Software for You and Your Affiliates.

In short Mindtech solutions is a “one stop solution” for all your IT and IT Enabled Services needs. Apart from our services being greatly varied, our staff comprises of dedicated and technically skilled professionals who make no mistakes in their performance. At Mindtech Solutions we cater to our clients’ business needs by first understanding their requirements and going through meticulously designed step wise processes.

Our Wide range of service can be narrowed down to these major categories for ease of reference. They are as listed above. Also, our varied skill set is to be given due importance. The offshore outsourcing services offered at Mindtech Solutions. Our Offshore outsourcing model is developed after a lot of research and intelligent hard work. The services of Mindtech solutions are sharpened to perfection through scrupulous training and hard work of experienced experts.