Mindtech strives to maintain optimum levels of resource utilization by providing best price and value options to our clients. We at Mindtech strongly believe in the Off-Shore Development Centre Concept (ODC). This is a concept which we are very successful in and for this we employ our team of highly dedicated software developers having a varied skill set. We also have option of Onsite support based on customer requirement and project needs.

By operating through the ODC the delivery period of IS projects is being shortened. It is getting increasingly important to effectively shorten the delivery period of IS projects and our expertise in ODC helps us achieve this. We offer service or support based on customer time zone, so customer has not to wait if they have any query about their work or project. Team will be available as per their time zone in a reduced budget.

Various services offered at Mindtech Solutions, Off Shore Outsourcing is one of the excellent ones. It is performed by our technical experts and based on step by step processing and experience. Off Shore Outsourcing process goes through a continuous progressive cycle and ends up in giving you highly beneficial results. This is the reason why the Outsourcing process that we offer is professional to the core and up to the mark.Our services cannot be completely mentioned without mentioning our IMS and Online marketing services.

Mindtech Solutions offerings


Mindtech Solutions offeringsOff Shore Outsourcing Services

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